ActiveDemoReceiver_msg_ Class Reference

#include <demo1.h>

Inherited by ActiveDemoReceiver_msg_printNumber.

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Public Member Functions

virtual elementResult run (ActiveDemoReceiver *)
virtual string declaration ()

Detailed Description

Represents the basic message that is used to queue or deliver a call to the true ActiveDemoReceiver. ActiveDemoReceiver_msg_ has a run method which is invoked by ActiveObject whenever it wants to handle the message. For each declared method in the active object description, a specific subclass of ActiveDemoReceiver_msg_ has been generated. See inheritance diagram. The message classes are automatically instantiated by the active object stub DemoReceiver

Definition at line 88 of file demo1.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual string ActiveDemoReceiver_msg_::declaration (  )  [inline, virtual]

Returns the name of this message. Since this is the message baseclass it has no identity and will return 'Unknown Message'

Reimplemented in ActiveDemoReceiver_msg_printNumber.

Definition at line 103 of file demo1.h.

virtual elementResult ActiveDemoReceiver_msg_::run ( ActiveDemoReceiver  )  [inline, virtual]

Called by ActiveObject to handle this queued message. arg caller is the ActiveDemoReceiver itself.

Reimplemented in ActiveDemoReceiver_msg_printNumber.

Definition at line 95 of file demo1.h.

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