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Active: The abstraction presented here separates various tasks through means of a message queue whereby the queue will activate the underlying task whenever a new message comes in.
Client Server: Client server communication through a packetio class.
Data: The data format and internal data structures used to represent various forms of data, including, strings, integers, arrays, tokens and bags. None of these datatypes should have any behavior, they merely presents serializable containers.
Direct Objects: Objects that are compiled to a fast native format.
Dynamic Objects: Handles the server side objects.
Flora: Central usermanagement, file management and table stuff.
FlowDb: The database that integrates the various different modules.
Ood: THe object oriented database
Transactions: The transaction server, keeping track of reads/writes and commits
TxMem: Transactional Memory
Value Memory: The value memory
Varia: Petrinets to asynchonrously stream data and process calculation requests